The Pocket Theatre Company in our school.

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Once again the professionals behind The Pocket Theatre Company came to our  school to make us enjoy  and laugh with  their crazy, creative, daring way of giving us an approach of the greatest  playwright  Great Britain has ever known, William Shakespeare,  and his
Much ado about nothing. In spite  of the shortness in the casting of actors, their performance was  charged with strength and personal voices that  far exceeded all  expectations.  We met Don Pedro, Claudio, Hero, Beatrice, Benedick and the "bad guy" Don John through the generous help of our students. For a short time, we knew about the love - hate feelings surrounding the characters that together with the tricks used in the play introduced us in the world of honour and shame of the XVIIth century. We learnt something else from Shakespeare fictional world with a smile, let´s keep it  until next  year!

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